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ART SAVES LIVES w/ mustache

ART SAVES LIVES w/ mustache

$ 6.99


w 2016 we plan on releasing variations of the ART SAVES LIVES thought, on pins and patches and stickers. street propaganda to inspire and inform, yo!

we are also offering whole sale deals on those who might like to but a bulk of these and give them as gifts.

- the embroidered patches are 3.5 inches and have an iron-on backing.

- the pins are cloisonne', hard enamel, hand filled and polished, die cast metal pins with a double pin back and are 1.25 inches in size.

- we offer a silver and gold pin

- as for the patches, we offer a silver and black patch and a red and yellow patch.

this was a co-lab between myself and tim smith.

art sales lives is true to many artist, their families and friends will attest… it is also very obvious for those consuming art, if you are listening… how many times has a film or a song or a poem made you feel enriched or has challenged and evoked your being?

for me, art saves lives couldn't be more true, though, I've been bullied because of my expressions, I've had my life ripped apart and I've bared witness to artists of all kinds jailed, murdered and destroyed because of their individual expressions, their art still saved lives… the lessons it has brought forward because of extreme reactions to an individuals expression can reverberate and ripple thru-out generations, and will… until personal expression and free thought take hold of each and every human being.

art helps create a civil society.

art saves lives.


how I price my items are like this… the deal is upfront, meaning, the first to buy get the deal. I raise prices as the item sells out… knowing how limited these are, it makes sense, these are limited edition collectibles and can even, at times be considered limited edition art prints that come in thread and metal.