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patch, pin, and patch & pin sets.

- the pins are cloisonne', hard enamel, hand filled metal pins with a double pin back, they are 1 1/8 inches in size.

- the patches come with a iron-on backing and are 3.75 inches in size.

- the che-manson patches and pins are limited to 100 each with no plans on a re-pressing.

Che- Manson! This is a design I did a very long time ago... This mug was one of many items I placed the design, way back in the evilnow days... I was reunited with this mug when I traveled to Harvard to help my young protege, Doug Messner, the guy running the Satanic Temple under the name Lucian Greaves. The original idea came when I drove thru Madison Wisconsin and the entire side of a coffee shop had a mural of Che, yet the area was 90% white... And I thought, Che would probably murder the entire town... I thought, the more appropriate white, anti-class revolutionary would be Charles Manson. I have been took kozik did something like this... I think mine came first, but I don't really care as I know my idea was and is mine... Some ideas are obvious.

the first 50 patches are $6.66 (1-50)

the second 50 patches are $9.99 (51-100)

the first 50 pins are $9.99 (1-50) 

the second 50 pins are $13.00 (51-100)

there will be patch and pin sets,  sold for $13.

the glitter pink pin and hot pink patch are sold as a set ONLY, there are ONLY 25 and this is a one time pink pressing... the pink set is $23.

I price my items like this… the discount or sale is upfront, meaning, the first to buy, get the deal. I raise prices as the item sells out… knowing how limited these are, it makes sense... these are limited edition collectibles and can, at times, be considered limited edition art prints that come in thread and metal.

the colors include...


commi gold/red

pink and white

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