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greetings from the GOONDOCKS - Astoria, Oregon - the town that made the goonies famous!!!

GOONDOCKS ROLLING PAPERS present a single wide - double high pack of rolling papers, 100 leaves of the finest rice paper to roll and blow your mind!!

VERY, VERY LIMITED!!! I have a few hundred and I'm not sure I'l ever do em' again, so act fast, strike, now!

I have a few full boxes of papers, a full box includes 25 individual pacs.

they are up and on right now!!!

forget rolling a fatty - ROLL A CHUNK-IE!!

and don't pirate that joint my friend - ONE TOKE WILLIE is watching… THE CURSE IS REAL!

the art is a co-lab between my self and tim smith.


this item of commune is a parody.

we are ridiculous and having fun.

this is in no way "official".

we don't take ourselves too serious and neither should you.

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