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$ 4.99

ARTIST: branko vranic

TALISMAN: embroidered patch and enamel pin

DESCRIPTION:  when trying to describe our version of atheist/skeptic, HAIL SAGAN can sum it up real fast. for me, I'm an atheist with agnostic leanings in the carl sagan sense.

MORE ON THE ARTIST: http://www.brankovranic.com/

We have sold the last of the first edition of this patch... BUT, with sooo many emails of disappointment and want to give these out for xmas, we made a new batch - not many either... so, this is now set for a pre-sale.

These patches are of differing colors than the last batch...

we have:

- red and black

- white and silver and black (sold as a patch/pin set only)

- black and silver and red (sold as a patch/pin set only)

- complete set of three patches and two, TWO differing pins... one of those pins will not be sold outside of this set... it is an antiqued version of the pin.