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IN TIMES OF UNIVERSAL DECEIT... elephant baphomet pt.2

IN TIMES OF UNIVERSAL DECEIT... elephant baphomet pt.2

$ 9.99

ARTIST: shane bugbee & grimore 666

TALISMAN: enamel pin and gutter punk screen printed patches

DESCRIPTION: somewhere along the line I fell in love with elephants... I've asked a few artists to make my vision pop... grimore always does, he's an amazing artist and one of my favorite to colab with.

the elephant represents many things to me... amazing intelligence and mans amazing ignorance... the depletion of resources and endurance to overcome the biggest of idiots.

The pin is made of die struck iron with soft enamel coloring and a high polished silver/chrome shine, complete with two, count them 2, pin backs for extra protection… It is a limited, hand numbered edition of 100.

The patch is made from a very heavy duty canvas, made to survive the gutter... this patch will out live you!

SIZE: pin is 1.5″