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Did some one mention guns & roses? Don Rock is responsible for the original art... Made famous after axel rose would wear this design on stage alllll over the world. Search kill your idols and you'll see just how many have been inspired by don rock original art.

This was going to be another of our forced co-labs, but looking at the art and being of fan of Don Rock, I had an idea he was the artist... when I asked, he confirmed and told me NO, I could NOT re-do the patch... I asked and poked a bit and Don said yes... so, here is is.


These are a very limited edition... I have 50 of each patch and 50 pins for sale here... act fast.

- the embroidered patches are 3.5 inches and have an iron-on backing.

- the pins are cloisonne', hard enamel, hand filled and polished, die cast metal pins with a double pin back and are 1.25 inches in size.

- we offer a black and flo yellow pin

- as for the patches, we offer a silver and black patch and a black and flo yellow patch.


how I price my items are like this… the deal is upfront, meaning, the first to buy get the deal. I raise prices as the item sells out… knowing how limited these are, it makes sense, these are limited edition collectibles and can even, at times be considered limited edition art prints that come in thread and metal.

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